Recycling is simple

Recycling is simple according to Mojca and Uros, salon owners of Kinky Curly Straight. The salon owners have successfully implemented a green policy that includes environmentally sustainable salon activities such as switching off power points, installing water saving taps and recycling their Refoil after use with a local recycler. This commitment to the environment has earned the business a status of carbon neutralness. In this blog story Mojca shares with us the journey their Refoil makes from client’s head to the recycler’s bin.

For our salon team it’s a no brainer. It’s something we decided to do from day one and no one ever questions it. We even started changing our team’s behaviour outside of the salon. I don’t think any member of our team would consider throwing kitchen foil in the waste bin…we all make big balls at home as well.

We place our used Refoil sheets in a small Refoil only bin under our colour bar. We crush the foils with empty colour tubes into big balls and place them in our aluminium collection bins in the staff room. Once full, the Refoil balls get transported to our garage. Once we can’t step into the garage anymore we take our bags to the recycler.

We recycle with Daws Road Recycling. We receive $0.80 per kilogram of collected aluminium. In our first year we collected almost 50 kilograms and this year we collected 70 kilograms. There’s no minimum weight requirements. We just bring the foil and empty colour tubes in bags, then empty these into the recycler’s bins where our collected amount is weighed and that’s pretty much it. Simple! All the funds we receive are donated to a variety of local charities, such as Youthink and Sids for Kids. Our clients love it The team is proud to share our green efforts with our clients and the public. It’s a big talking point in the salon and something that sets us apart from other salons. Clients actually think of us when they read an article on recycling and make the effort to share it with us! We also have a lot of clients who have found us when googling for ‘green salons’. Our website has a separate page dedicated to our green initiatives and we regularly update the page with new ideas, articles, etc. We even had hairdressing students contact us as part of their environmental school project to learn about our green policies. Spotty hands? Yes, we have all made the mistake of making big balls without gloves. Considering foils are used with colour one would think using gloves would be an easy conclusion. Nope! At some point all of us have worn the ‘scarlet letter’ of spotty hands from residue of colour on foils. Just do it! If we can borrow a famous saying ‘Just do it!’. Honestly, this is the easiest decision you can make and it makes a huge difference. Think about the one million kilograms of aluminium foil Australian hair salons put into landfill each year, and think about how easy it is not to be part of such horrid wastage. We feel, as business owners, there are a few things we are responsible for: providing our team with great work environments, career growth and being a responsible business towards our community and the Earth. Simple!