Le Tour de Marie-France Group


When Marie-France Group salon owner Dominique discovered hair salons send a million kilograms of foil to landfill every year, he decided to make a change. Along with his partner Marie-France they wanted to become an active participant in sustainable business practices. So when they joined Refoil they decided to be a leader in the Pymble area by implementing a rewarding recycling policy. Check out Dominique’s process for a successful Refoil recycling system: 1. Bin installation – Acquire bins for REFOIL ONLY.  This way you avoid mixing other waste materials in the bin. Place the Refoil only sticker on the bin so it’s clear to all.

2. Team work – Engage the whole team in the recycling initiative. Everyone is responsible for following the recycling system. 3. Storage – If you don’t have much storage in the salon just take Refoil home for storage. 4. Drop off frequency – Every two months Dominique takes the collected bags of Refoil to St George Metal Recovery for recycling. On his last trip the salon managed to collect 67 kilograms or 2 cubic metres of foil. 5. The Trade-in – Aluminium is a commodity product. Therefore the prices vary depending on what the value is at that particular moment in time. It can start from $0.22 up to $1.00 per kilogram. ]

 6. Feel good about doing good and spread the word – This French-inspired salon’s clients feel good that the salon takes care of their foil waste. By actively communicating their recycling efforts on their newsletter, Facebook page and in-salon merchandise the salon guests are well aware of the great recycling efforts the salon makes and next to the Tour De France makes a great topic for conversation.   For more information about the salon please see details below: Marie-France Group Philip Mall, West Pymble, ph 94181055, www.mariefrancegroup.com.au Salon owners: Marie-France and Dominique