Access shines with recycling boost.

We’d like to say hi and big hugs to the latest member of the Refoil family. Access Hair, a beautiful hair salon in Balmain, NSW, joined us in August and instantly became part of our growing movement determined to make hair salon foil waste history and stop 1.5 million kilos of aluminium a year going into landfill.

As well as converting to our premium quality recycled aluminium foils, Access has taken the opportunity to overhaul its whole recycling effort. Salon owner Nina Santucci (that’s her in the pic, showing off her Refoil Classic box) called in the experts to help and now recycles around 80% of all salon waste including her used aluminium foils and colour tubes. Nina says: ‘We started using Refoil the minute I found out about it. Being as environmentally sustainable as possible is important to me. Refoil looks the same and costs the same as the best salon foils – but it’s made from recycled aluminium, so it was a no-brainer for me. ‘We had a free environmental assessment from our local council, and now recycle everything we can. We even have a separate bin for used tint tubes so we can collect them and stuff them into our crushed Refoil balls.’

Clients tell Nina they love that Access is doing its bit for the planet, and she’s keen to help spread the word. She says, ‘Many clients see the huge bin sticker and ask questions. A couple of them thought we physically rinsed out each foil and re-used them, so we had to explain that the foil is collected and taken away for recycling. They are impressed, as many had no idea we were able to do that.’ Thanks, Nina, we’re mighty impressed, too, and looking forward to a brighter future together.