Eco-Paul shines in his ballsy cartoon debut

Watch out Bugs Bunny, Refoil’s Paul Frasca has morphed into superhero Eco-Paul, fighting foil and colour tube waste everywhere and showing how you can help save 1.5 million kilos of precious aluminium dumped to landfill every year. Refoil’s HOW BIG ARE YOUR BALLS campaign is already revolutionising the way hairdressers dispose of their foils and tubes after colouring.

But Paul, declaring, ‘That’s not all folks’, has now teamed up with Orb Distribution to tell the Refoil story in a way everyone can enjoy – and we want you to help spread the word. So, sit back and watch, and then share the film with workmates, friends and family – the more people who see it and heed its message, the sooner we’ll make  foil and tube waste history. ‘What better way to show you care about the environment than posting the cartoon on your Facebook page and website, or tweeting about it?’ says Paul. ‘Let’s get everyone to toon into the message!’