How big are your balls?

In November Refoil launched its first collaboration with Revlon Professional in the awareness building campaign “HOW BIG ARE YOUR BALLS?” It’s a first out of many more collaborations Refoil is planning to have in order to get the entire hairdressing community recycle their foil and their empty colour tubes.

Did you know that the Australian hairdressing industry delivers over 1 million kilos of foil and tube waste to landfill each year? Aluminum is actually one of the easiest materials to recycle but unfortunately today only 1% of salon aluminum waste is recycled. Ozdare has teamed Refoil with salons using Revlon Professional tubes to provide colourists with a recycle kit that informs the salon staff on how to recycle used-tubes in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. The campaign encourages colourists to crush their used Revlon Professional tubes and wrap them in Refoil, and the bigger the balls, the better!

Why big balls matter

Currently the local kerbside recycling technology can’t recycle individual foil sheets and small tubes. Therefore, to keep foil and tubes off landfill it is crucial to crush foil and tubes into big balls.