Refoil Pop-Ups (6+ @ $16.95 each ex GST)


Product Specifications
• Size: 26cm x 15cm + fold
• Thickness: 14 microns
• Colour: Silver
• Quantity: 1 box
• Total sheets in 1 box: 500
• Dispensed from a tissue-like box
• Made from recycled content + 100% recyclable

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The Pop-ups are thinner and wider (3cm wider to be precise) than the Refoil Pre-cuts. So if you’re a colourist who likes pre-cut foil, but is after a thinner foil surface, you will LOVE Pop-ups. If you’re wanting to cut back on the task of cutting your own foil, Pop-ups are a great time saver. The box design allows you to keep the foil free from mess and maintains the shape of the foil without crumpling.

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