Hairdressing wins SKILLS GREEN AWARD 2012!

We have amazing news! Hairdressing won this year’s World Skills Australia’s Green Award! As a sponsor of this year’s hairdressing competition Refoil just wants to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to all the competitors!

Paul Frasca, co-founder of Refoil, was this year’s Sustainability judge. He was invited to advice the team on which sustainable salon practices needed to be implemented in order to win this great award. The measures that were addressed for the team to win this award were:

  • Water: Massive amounts of water were saved by monitoring each student’s usage.
  • Energy: Power points: Only one power point per student was allowed. This made a massive difference as tools were only switched on whilst in use. Also all temperature gages on hot water were decreased to save on electricity usage.
  • Waste: Awareness leads to students being able to recycle 95% of materials and packaging leading to just 5% landfill waste. This is an excellent benchmark.
  • Colour: Less than 2% wastage in every colour bowl.
  • Plastics: Most plastics were banned for the competition thus what was used was reused again and again.

Also, thanks to the contribution of the other environmentally conscious products sponsors the team managed to achieve this amazing result!

What the judges said: “…The Hairdressing category integrated a range of practices to reduce its use of energy and water and its creation of waste into their project which also translated into the marking of the competitor’s projects. They noticeably improved their eco-efficiency since the last competition and were very effective in communicating a sustainability message to the visiting public and engaging their competitors in learning about sustainability…” Source: World Skills Australia”Simple mindful efforts lead to the fantastic result by everyone involved in the competition,” enthused Paul.