12 Days of Christmas Colour

Day #3 Oscar Oscar

On the third day of Christmas Colour, Michael Kelly at Oscar Oscar gave us Hey! Isn’t it stunning? Michael has captured a real luminosity in the depths of the hair. What do you think? See here below how Michael achieved the colour.

For this look, which I called Hey!, I worked with a micro-weave using a Redken’s ExtraLift ELB + 40 Volume in my Refoil packets to create a soft, ‘sun-lightened’ effect around the frame of her face and throughout the interior, giving the volume of her hair a luminosity that is naturally found in virgin, uncoloured hair. I then did a classic root retouch around my packets with Redken’s Ammonia Free Chromatics 8GR + 10 volume on a natural level 7,  processed for recommended time. For the final 10 minutes I did some freehand balayage using Redken’s Flashlift + 40 volume to create some cascading flecks of honey throughout her lengths. For my final touch I glossed with Redken’s Shades EQ 9Aa + 9Rb + 9v + clear for 20 minutes.

Michael Kelly is the Technical Director / Colour Specialist at Oscar Oscar Salons Paddington. For more information on Michael or Oscar Oscar salons please visit http://www.oscaroscar.com.au/