12 Days of Christmas Colour

Day #7 Wild Life Hair SoGo

On the seventh day of Christmas Colour we were feeling a little blue until we saw this fantastic image by Ali Holmes and Rosie Hardy from Wild Life SoGo. Any tips on how to encourage clients to be brave and go for bright shades? Read here below to find out more.

The inspiration for this photoshoot was taken from the movie Blue is the Warmest Colour. The wig was custom made. We started with blonde human hair wefts, which we laid flat on Refoil and toned to an even silver beige. Ali then took the hair away and spent hours gluing and stitching to create the perfect wig. Once cut, it was time for the colouring to begin. I custom created nine different shades of blue and we picked the two we liked best. My sections were three wefts deep and taken on a diagonal to avoid creating a line in the hair. Using Refoil, I took two back-to-back slices of my dominant colour, then one slice of my secondary colour. My first section was worked from left to right around the head, my second from right to left, then this was repeated. In the top section I left out some strands of hair in between the Refoil packets. Each packet was dropped to ensure the colour level came above eye level. To see the full story go to www.wildsidewebzine.com

Credits: Photographer: Daniel O’Connell Make Up: Isabella schimid Hair: Ali Holmes Colour: Rosie Hardy Styling: Emma Cotterill For more information on Wild Life Hair SoGo please visit http://wildlifehair.com.au/sogo-salon/.