About Us

Refoil is the creator of the ‘Refoil – Crush – Recycle’ concept, an industry first sustainable foiling program. The co-founders’ research report shows that every year Australian hair salons send one million kilos of foil waste to landfill, where it takes centuries to degrade. It’s a precious resource that’s just being dumped, and with just 1% of salons recycling their foil, we believe it’s time for change. Our mission is to make foil waste history by providing education, collaborating with the wider community and committing to sustainable product development.


Sustainable Product Development

Refoil is fully committed to sustainable product development. We take a lifecycle approach to ensure we produce the best quality foil with the least impact on the environment. We refuse to compromise the future of the next generation of hair professionals.

Recycled aluminium

Sadly, the technology and necessary infrastructure to make salon foil from solely recycled aluminium is still lacking, but Refoil ensures it uses the maximum amount of recycled aluminium possible. The recycled content in our products is a mix of pre-consumer and post-consumer scrap aluminium:

  • Pre-consumer content is factory scrap reused in the production process.
  • Post-consumer content is scrap aluminium collected from various sources (such as scrap metal yards and dealers).

The new content is a mix of metals and minerals that are essential to achieve the premium quality we offer our customers. We are in the process of getting the recycled content certified by a third party. So, stay tuned!


Balls: the Bigger the Better

We found the number one reason hairdressers sent foil and tube waste to landfill was that they didn’t know how to recycle successfully. Refoil has found a simple way to ensure all its customers know how to recycle within existing recycling schemes – we call it THE CRUSH. Crushing scraps of Refoil together into balls is a crucial part of the Refoil HOW BIG ARE YOUR BALLS recycling campaign.


Refoil believes education is the cornerstone of sustainable development within the hairdressing industry, so we provide much-needed information to help salons become more sustainable-minded.


We can achieve sustainable growth only by working together with the wider community. We need to collaborate with other stakeholders, such as product manufacturers, hair salons, recyclers and government to make a real difference. Therefore, Refoil collaborates on awareness-building and recycling campaigns, aiming at an industry goal of zero waste.


Refoil is 100% recyclable

 This icon lets customers know that Refoil is 100% recyclable. You’ll find it on all our packaging. But to ensure Australia’s national kerbside recycling infrastructure can collect and reprocess your used Refoil sheets, it’s important to follow our simple three-step process.

So remember: Refoil – Crush – Recycle.

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