Some useful recycling links

To find out if your local council collects aluminium foil in their municipal kerbside collection program, visit: www.irecycle.com.au

Go to the “Recycling in your local area” tab where you can find if your local council collects aluminium (clean) foil.

If you are interested to be reimbursed for your contribution, find a local scrap yard by visiting one of the links below:

Some helpful tips for colourists who care:

Tip 1

If your salon is located in an area that does not collect aluminium foil and the area you live in does, why not take your Refoil balls home and recycle them in your area?

Tip 2

If you have a home, a garden or a garage that is large enough to store your Refoil balls for a period of time, then do it. You can dispose your stored Refoil balls at your local scrap yard that will pay you cash in return. Why not get reimbursed for your contribution?

Tip 3

If you’re interested to take your salon recycling to the next level, check out Sustainable Salons Australia. This revolutionary recycling program is designed to collect up to 95% of the salon waste bin, so not only foil waste. Check out their website www.sustainablesalons.com.au and enquire if this salon specific resource recovery program services your local area.

Message from the Refoil team:

If none of the above information has helped you find aluminium recycling facilities in your area, please don’t hesitate to contact the Refoil team for assistance. We must note that we provide assistance and support to Refoil customers only.