The wait is over! refoil launched a new range of foiling options to cater to every colourist who cares.

The refoil range is:

  • Made from recycled aluminium.
  • Recyclable within the local kerbside recycling system. *
  • Eye-pleasing design that doesn’t cost more than the average foil roll at the hair supplier. But looks oh so prettier!
  • Every refoil product educates. Check out the superb recycling tips and “Did you knows” to boast to customers about.
  • All packaging is made from recycled, reusable and recyclable cardboard.
  • All packaging is naturally printed with soy inks, no icky petrochemicals here.

Refoil Classic

The Premium quality 300m x 12cm roll.

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Refoil Pre-Cuts

Cut-to-size and ready-to-go, in two lengths, medium and large.

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Refoil Catering

Catering-sized widths, in two thicknesses, Traditional and Heavy Duty.

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Foil Dispenser

For Refoil Classic 300m x 12cm rolls, for quick foil cutting.
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  • * Only if Refoil steps on how to recycle are followed correctly.
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