Follow Refoil’s 3 easy steps and become foil waste free.

Step 1: Refoil

Colour with confidence knowing that you are doing the environment a favour. Let your salon client know that you are a colourist who cares.

Step 2: Crush

After the colouring process has finished, the crushing part begins.
At the basin take the Refoil sheets off your client’s head and rinse lightly. This makes the recycling
process go smoother. Then crush Refoil sheets into tight balls. Your Refoil balls should be the size of a tennis ball (or bigger). The bigger the balls the better. So, how big are your balls? Size does matter.

Step 3: Recycle

Dispose your Refoil balls in your salon ‘Refoil only’ bin. Once your bin is full, it is time to recycle your Refoil balls. So, do the right thing and put it in the recycle bin.