09 Jun

Refoil wins best new business

Meshing the creativity of hairdressing with a sustainable approach to foiling has brought awards glory to Refoil at the Hair Expo Awards.
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20 May
Kelly Grant and Clive Allwright from Our Place Salon in Sydney recently joined Refoil. We caught up and Kelly was kind enough to share her "Refoil experience" with us .
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25 Mar

Om Shalom to giving back.

Om Shalom to giving back. Recently awarded with a Gold Salon Select Membership, Om Shalom Hair & Make up in Newcastle have taken initiative on doing their bit that is now supporting not only the environment, but also the local community and the economy. It all started in the salon chair:

One of our long-standing client’s son passed away suddenly from a rare brain stem tumor. After this occurred we decided to do our little bit to help,” says Michelle. “So, at the suggestion of Paul Frasca, director and co-founder at Refoil, we have been recycling our used Refoil sheets for the last 6 months and have been able to donate all of the money we received to Pontine Glioma Research“, explains Bec.

OM Shalom Gold Salon Select Member

What they once regarded as waste that contaminated landfill for generations has now become their primary fundraising source for their charity. By forming alliance with the local scrap recycler they are cleaning up their foil waste and giving the local recycler a new source of income.

“With a high regard of the environment, we adopted environmentally friendly ways to reduce our carbon footprint, we work toward our mission of connecting beauty and wellness by giving our guests a fashion forward look while supporting eco friendly practices and caring for our environment. Refoil has helped us to achieve this even further.” Bec & Michelle, salon owners at Om Shalom Hair.
Bec and Michelle's initiative proves that salons can care for the environment, give back to the community and contribute to the economy without costing them more time or money. Well done!
17 Nov
Hairdressing students from the Unistyle College gathered at the George hotel in Ballarat to receive their well-deserved achievements awards.
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31 Oct

How big are your balls?

In November Refoil launched its first collaboration with Revlon Professional in the awareness building campaign "HOW BIG ARE YOUR BALLS?" It's a first out of many more collaborations Refoil is planning to have in order to get the entire hairdressing community recycle their foil and their empty colour tubes.

Did you know that the Australian hairdressing industry delivers over 1 million kilos of foil and tube waste to landfill each year? Aluminum is actually one of the easiest materials to recycle but unfortunately today only 1% of salon aluminum waste is recycled. Ozdare has teamed Refoil with salons using Revlon Professional tubes to provide colourists with a recycle kit that informs the salon staff on how to recycle used-tubes in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. The campaign encourages colourists to crush their used Revlon Professional tubes and wrap them in Refoil, and the bigger the balls, the better!

Why big balls matter

Currently the local kerbside recycling technology can't recycle individual foil sheets and small tubes. Therefore, to keep foil and tubes off landfill it is crucial to crush foil and tubes into big balls.

09 Sep

That’s a full head of Refoil

Today we shot our first campaign. The concept was an everything-vintage-loving-diva that just can’t get enough of having her Refoil done… Yes we're very happy with the outcome. Especially because we were lucky enough to work with some very talented people: the powerful due, make up artist Belinda Trisic and vintage hair specialist Rebecca Knight from Retro Dames. The backdrop of the shoot was the stylish Brad Ngata Hair Direction Downtown salon in Darlnghurst, Sydney. Once again BIG thanks to everyone who helped us on the day and made this shoot an unforgettable experience!     

05 Sep

Hairdressing wins SKILLS GREEN AWARD 2012!

We have amazing news! Hairdressing won this year's World Skills Australia’s Green Award! As a sponsor of this year’s hairdressing competition Refoil just wants to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to all the competitors!
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