Recycling is simple

Recycling is simple according to Mojca and Uros, salon owners of Kinky Curly Straight. The salon owners have successfully implemented a green policy that includes environmentally sustainable salon activities such as switching off power points, installing water saving taps and recycling their Refoil after use with a local recycler. This commitment to the environment has earned the business a status of carbon neutralness. In this blog story Mojca shares with us the journey their Refoil makes from client’s head to the recycler’s bin.

For our salon team it’s a no brainer. It’s something we decided to do from day one and no one ever questions it. We even started changing our team’s behaviour outside of the salon. I don’t think any member of our team would consider throwing kitchen foil in the waste bin…we all make big balls at home as well.

We place our used Refoil sheets in a small Refoil only bin under our colour bar. We crush the foils with empty colour tubes into big balls and place them in our aluminium collection bins in the staff room. Once full, the Refoil balls get transported to our garage. Once we can’t step into the garage anymore we take our bags to the recycler.

We recycle with Daws Road Recycling. We receive $0.80 per kilogram of collected aluminium. In our first year we collected almost 50 kilograms and this year we collected 70 kilograms. There’s no minimum weight requirements. We just bring the foil and empty colour tubes in bags, then empty these into the recycler’s bins where our collected amount is weighed and that’s pretty much it. Simple! All the funds we receive are donated to a variety of local charities, such as Youthink and Sids for Kids.

Our clients love it

The team is proud to share our green efforts with our clients and the public. It’s a big talking point in the salon and something that sets us apart from other salons. Clients actually think of us when they read an article on recycling and make the effort to share it with us! We also have a lot of clients who have found us when googling for ‘green salons’. Our website has a separate page dedicated to our green initiatives and we regularly update the page with new ideas, articles, etc. We even had hairdressing students contact us as part of their environmental school project to learn about our green policies.

Spotty hands?

Yes, we have all made the mistake of making big balls without gloves. Considering foils are used with colour one would think using gloves would be an easy conclusion. Nope! At some point all of us have worn the ‘scarlet letter’ of spotty hands from residue of colour on foils.

Just do it!

If we can borrow a famous saying ‘Just do it!’. Honestly, this is the easiest decision you can make and it makes a huge difference. Think about the one million kilograms of aluminium foil Australian hair salons put into landfill each year, and think about how easy it is not to be part of such horrid wastage. We feel, as business owners, there are a few things we are responsible for: providing our team with great work environments, career growth and being a responsible business towards our community and the Earth. Simple!

Le Tour de Marie-France Group










When Marie-France Group salon owner Dominique discovered hair salons send a million kilograms of foil to landfill every year, he decided to make a change. Along with his partner Marie-France they wanted to become an active participant in sustainable business practices. So when they joined Refoil they decided to be a leader in the Pymble area by implementing a rewarding recycling policy. Check out Dominique’s process for a successful Refoil recycling system:

1. Bin installation – Acquire bins for REFOIL ONLY.  This way you avoid mixing other waste materials in the bin. Place the Refoil only sticker on the bin so it’s clear to all.

Refoil only bin

2. Team work – Engage the whole team in the recycling initiative. Everyone is responsible for following the recycling system.

3. Storage – If you don’t have much storage in the salon just take Refoil home for storage.

4. Drop off frequency – Every two months Dominique takes the collected bags of Refoil to St George Metal Recovery for recycling. On his last trip the salon managed to collect 67 kilograms or 2 cubic metres of foil.

5. The Trade-in – Aluminium is a commodity product. Therefore the prices vary depending on what the value is at that particular moment in time. It can start from $0.22 up to $1.00 per kilogram.

Dominique recycling Refoil at St George Metal Recovery

6. Feel good about doing good and spread the word – This French-inspired salon’s clients feel good that the salon takes care of their foil waste. By actively communicating their recycling efforts on their newsletter, Facebook page and in-salon merchandise the salon guests are well aware of the great recycling efforts the salon makes and next to the Tour De France makes a great topic for conversation.


For more information about the salon please see details below:

Marie-France Group

Philip Mall, West Pymble, ph 94181055,

Salon owners: Marie-France and Dominique

Family Matters


Simon and Natalie Crawford from Crawfords Hairdressing in Morningside, Queensland recycle their used Refoil (balls) with their local scrap yard.


“We were so inspired by Paul Frasca, co-founder of Refoil, after hearing him speak at the AHC’s Better Business seminar at Hair Expo last year.  We didn’t know we could recycle our foil, and felt guilty for the years we’ve been throwing away all our foil waste in the bin. We recycle because we want to make a difference,” explains Simon.  “Our recycler gives us $1.00 per kilogram. Our first weigh-in was $27.00. We donated all proceeds to a worthy cause…It feels good to recycle!” enthuses Natalie.


1. Get everyone involved!

Our staff is actively involved in the process. Our clients love us for it and our kids come with us to the recycler. They are the next generation and it is refreshing to see their enthusiasm. For us it’s a family trip to the recycler. Everyone loves it!

2. Get some balls!

We all need to get on board and do our bit. It’s easy. We store our Refoil balls in a bin bag at the salon and when the bag is full it comes home with us and is stored in our garage.

The recycler accepts plastic bags and there is no minimum weight. That means we don’t have to store the Refoil balls in the garage for too long.


For hair salons interested to recycle with the same recycler, please contact the recycler direct:

United Scrap Metal Traders PTY LTD.

913 Lytton Rd, Murrarie, Queensland

07 3890 2637

Get educated.

Get your staff involved in our upcoming education roadshow! See flyer below for more details. Tickets are $44.00 per person and you can book them at







We have teamed up with Chatswood based salon Luc Espace to show you how to use your Refoil pre-cuts medium to create perfect, melt-in-your-mouth colour.

First things first, what is colour melting?

Colour melting is a way of blending lighter and darker tints together with a client’s natural colour to create beautiful, softly falling shades. This technique requires slicing on a diagonal sectioning pattern, zig-zagging all sections to make sure the colour changes gently. The slices of colour are feathered away from the head, starting midway down the hair shaft. Towards the front, the darker colour melts subtly into the lighter colour, giving a lovely, natural variation to the hair. It’s suitable for anyone with hair that is shoulder-length or longer. 

1. Section the hair

Colour melting tutorial

Start by dividing the hair into six neat and balanced sections. First, using a tail comb and zig-zag partings, make a centre parting or use the client’s natural parting to divide the hair centrally from the top of the head all the way through to the neckline. Next, find the occipital bone and zig-zag part the hair below this level from centre to the right, then centre to left. This will create sections 1 and 2.

Create a horseshoe section, zig-zagging along the right parietal ridge to the back just below the crown. Repeat on the left side to create sections 3 and 4 and leave the remaining sections, 5 and 6, on the top.


2. Sections 1 and 2

colour melting tutorial

Starting at the hairline, take a diagonal zig-zagged slice and apply a colourless product to three inches of the hair mid-way down the slice. Leave one inch and apply your desired colour to the rest of the slice. Then, using a clean tint brush, melt the colour up into the colourless product. This will ensure the colour is feathered and diffused. Wrap that slice of hair in Refoil colouring foil and continue taking slices through the section, making sure you keep your melting varied and all foils on a diagonal. Ensure, also, that you fully saturate all your slices with colour. Repeat this process for section 2.

3. Sections 3 and 4

Refoil colour melting tutorial

Again starting at the hairline, take a diagonal zig-zagged slice from section 3 and apply a colourless product to three inches of the hair mid-way down the hair shaft. Leave an inch and apply your desired colour to the next part of the hair, then leave another inch and apply a lighter colour to the rest of the slice. Use a clean tint brush to melt the lighter colour up into the darker colour before using another clean brush to melt the darker colour up into the colourless product.

Continue making more slices, melting the colourless product and the darker and lighter colours together, to a point just past the ear. Once past the ear, go back to using the darker colour only, as with sections 1 and 2. Repeat on the left section. For long hair, use the Refoil catering heavy duty, which allows you to custom-cut your foils to the exact size you need.

4. Section 5 + 6

Continue the same process for the final two sections, taking diagonal slices and melting the colourless product and the two colours together before wrapping in Refoil. Again, when you have reached a point level with the ear, use the colourless product and darker colour only.

5. Process colour

Finally, develop the colour according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and know that by using and recycling Refoil’s aluminium foils, you are helping to end the waste of more than a million kilos of virgin aluminium sent to landfill by Australian hairdressers each year.

6. Finished look

This colour melting tutorial was also featured  in the Australian Instyle Hair Magazine Issue Feb/Mar 2014.


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